Local content is a worldwide phenomenon that tends to build equity for local citizens by giving
them adequate access to derive benefit from natural resources and endowments though deliberate

policy initiatives, including legislation.
Therefore,   the   same   issue   of   local content is being experienced in other oil  producing  countries  some      of  which have done better than Nigeria in  utilizing   their   oil   wealth   to build  secondary    and  tertiary  businesses  while     the     country     is  still  largely  dependent     on     oil.     Nubian Engineering Limited’s
Local Content policy shall meet and
surpass  Federal   Government   target  of   45%   and   70%   local   content   by  year  end         2006     and 2007 respectively. Government in the last few years has taken the matter quite seriously by setting up committees to examine the issues and come up with recommendations which would include the enactment of a Nigerian content law. Though the issue of local content is applicable to all aspects of

oil and gas industry  operation,  it  is  however  more  palpable  in  the upstream  sector  where  a substantial  part  of  the estimated $8 billion spent annually is spent outside the country for the procurement of goods and services.
To  arrest  the  situation,  government  is  putting  in  place  the  machinery  to encourage  local    establishment  of  infrastructure and manufacturing facilities. This initiative is  meant  to provide  an enabling  environment  for indigenous suppliers and service providers as well as their foreign counterparts to facilitate the establishment of structures that would provide employment opportunities and industrial spin-offs in the local economy.

In order to achieve its local content policy Nubian affirms the following: that she will recruit the best Nigerian for a specific job, promote Nigerians into top management positions and purchase our products locally except where those are not available.

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