• Processing of centrifuged cuttings
  • Onshore processing of drill cuttings, supply of cuttings bins
  • Provision of cuttings skip and onshore processing of OBM cuttings
  • Drill cuttings services

Nubian Nigeria Limited  provide waste treatment / management services which includes;

  • rig site cuttings handling services,
  • onshore RotoMill TDU drill cuttings processing services for drilling operations.

Nubian Nig Ltd. offer a wealth of experience in providing waste treatment and management solutions to the oil and gas sector in full range. The unique range of services and capabilities that can be provided by Nubian Nig Ltd cannot be rivaled. Expertise in swamp, offshore and onshore treatment, handling and recycling of wastes; provision of the full range of logistics and treatment, recycling and disposal services onshore, and the high level of expertise embodied within Nubian waste professionals guarantee exceptional levels of performance. Nubian can provide focused delivery in three key areas relevant to waste management project:

  • Treatment and disposal of contaminated solids, drilled cuttings, etc.
  • Treatment and disposal of bulk fluids
  • Treatment, recycling, reuse or disposal of general and hazardous solid wastes
Drilled Cuttings Processing

Waste Drill CuttingNubian has an established operational base in Onne, Port Harcourt for the processing of drilled cuttings. The RotoMill™ process is a unique method that enables the safe and effective treatment of cuttings producing three reusable products of recovered base oil, water and dry rock powder. All can be used for beneficial end uses.

The RotoMill™ process employs thermal desorption techniques to enable differential
separation of the cuttings component parts. The method has been extensively tested
and appraised during its development such that it is now recognised as Best Available
Technology (BAT) within the U.K. numerous projects have been completed both onshore and offshore that enable the process to demonstrate outstanding performance levels and a high degree of experience.

In considering the RotoMill™ equipment as BAT compliant, it has been demonstrated
that its use has no significant impact on the environment and the process control is
managed such that the risks associated with the handling, storage and processing of
cuttings are negligible both in environmental and safety terms. Nubian can confidently
state that there are no releases to the environment arising directly from the processing of

In addition to processing allowing the recycling of drill cuttings, Nubian can offer the full
handling package accepting and taking responsibility for the transfer, storage and
movement of cuttings from point of production to final treatment and disposal. Nubian
has a range of proven handling equipment including pumps, augers, storage and
transfer equipment enabling delivery of the total waste management solution.


Treatment & Disposal of Bulk Fluids

Solid wasteThe treatment and disposal of waste bulk fluids is an area in which Nubian has
developed specialist ability. From point of generation, equipment solutions can be
provided to ensure containment and transfer to point of treatment. Nubian thereafter
uses a range of techniques to ensure the best options to facilitate full clean-up. Many
systems only offer partial separation or volume reduction, but Nubian’s combined use of
specialist bulk fluid separation methods and equipment and RotoMill™ technology allow
us to provide a 100% recycling and disposal service.

Where bulk fluids are received on site via vacuum tanker they are immediately
transferred into appropriate on-site storage. Wastes are transferred via flexible
hoses/pumps such that transfer is enclosed at all times resulting in nil/negligible VOC
releases. Similarly transfer from storage to the associated process steps is also
enclosed. Slops can be heat treated prior to physical processing. Boilers are used to heat the material to temperatures of up to 100ºC for periods of 24-48 hours, after which the slops are cooled to allow separation of oil and water and sludge.

The resultant effluents from the heating process can be dosed with a copolymer
flocculent and/or passed through a centrifuge. Two or three phases can be produced at
this stage – waters, oils and sludge. Appropriate disposal methods can be used for
some of these products, however oil contaminated solids may remain. In conjunction
with RotoMill™ processing, is unique in that it can provide final separation technology
such that three distinct products of oil, solids and waters can be produced allowing
simple recycling or disposal.

It is Nubian’s perspective that there is no single treatment solution for the wide range of
varied bulk fluids that require disposal. Our multifaceted approach utilising, thermal,
aggregation and desorption techniques can ensure full treatment and disposal is


Solids Waste Management
Waste Forklift

The highly diverse and complex range of materials that comprise solid and hazardous
waste presents any business with complex decision making stages to ensure its
acceptable disposal. Nubian has significant levels of experience in the management of
oil-field wastes through operation of its six world wide transfer stations.

In considering the local position for this project it is our recommendation to utilise high
temperature oil fired incineration technology to facilitate destruction and rendering inert
of hazardous wastes. Furthermore, the benefit of an integrated service utilising all
aspects of waste generation means that Nubian can combine an oil recovery and reuse
as a fuel and its disposal service with its solid waste management arm a single source
disposal route.

As part of the service expectation Nubian can demonstrate full management processes
allowing the tracking of the multiple waste types from cradle to grave.
Experience in the field of waste disposal is vital to fully understanding the manifest and reporting requirements that allow us to demonstrate collection, transport, delivery and recovery or recycling of materials, ultimately to point of disposal. Detailed and comprehensive matrices are generated allowing full analysis and understanding of the waste generating processes so that focused management effort can be applied to the hierarchy of waste; prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling and disposal.

Nubian has demonstrable expertise in all elements of general and hazardous waste
management. Establishment of robust systems for supply of containers, transportation,
collection, emptying, and return of all the different waste receptacles is a core capability
of Nubian. Using a combination of paper and IT tracking systems Nubian can ensure the

smooth and efficient uplift and disposal of waste, with minimal disruption to client’s operations.

Nubian Engineering- Subsurface and Surface

Nubian Nigeria Limited offers complete integrated services to conduct;
Conceptual Field Design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Detail Engineering Design etc.

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